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For more newsletters, check out our newsletters page. The Latest. Scientists strapped cameras to a bunch of polar bears. The footage is breathtaking — and alarming. By Benji Jones. A prescription for housing? Now let's talk about finding the best quality products , and what online resources you can rely on to provide solid product reviews, ratings and recommendations.

These can be your go-to sources when you're looking for trustworthy information on the best products, regardless of the product category. For unbiased, data-driven information, Consumer Reports is a fail-safe option for product ratings and reviews.

As a non-profit organization, Consumer Reports has been an unbiased source of information for consumers since before online reviews were even popular!

Consumer Reports gathers data from surveys, tests, and consumer reviews, and compiles recommendations for the best products with the goal of providing trustworthy information for consumers.

You can search the over 7. By searching for things like "Consumer Reports mattresses" or "Consumer Reports dishwashers", you can get tons of great product reviews.

Now owned and operated by the New York Times, Wirecutter is another trusted source for unbiased product reviews. The Wirecutter deals and Wirecutter gift guides are also very popular around the holidays, providing recommendations by gift recipients and product category.

Although Wirecutter requires a paid subscription for unlimited access, you'll still find plenty of valuable insights for free. This is also why extended warranties are a cost-effective way to extend the life of your products. Shopping with the Mulberry extension and taking advantage of online resources to do you research can help you save money initially and down the road.

Good Housekeeping offers more than just food and lifestyle information. While many people might be more familiar with the Good Housekeeping magazine, the Good Housekeeping Institute test thousands of home, beauty, tech, clothing, food and health products to find the best products for you and your family.

You'll find product reviews on everything from appliances to mattresses to outdoor living spaces. Good Housekeeping is based in New York City and takes the art of product reviews very seriously. With staff members from dozens of different disciplines including engineering, culinary, biology, and chemistry experts and many others , the Good Housekeeping Institute spends each day thoroughly testing thousands of products in order to give you thorough, unbiased review.

Popular Mechanics magazine is a publication that has been around for over years, and along with its website has become a trusted source for countless consumers when it comes to product reviews. We want to know everything about the products, services that we are buying, and the business they come from.

In other words, transparency. We gain more knowledge and better product descriptions through reviews. Social proof is another factor. For instance, on Amazon, one book, The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins has 77, reviews.

It holds a 4-star rating. Video customer reviews and testimonials are growing in status and popularity. Video testimonials can be posted on business websites, your website or blogs.

With YouTube reviews, presentations and demonstrations we have an outlet to better understand big products and big purchases through the eyes of our peers. Consumers who write reviews, good and bad, speak from experience.

More and more businesses ask for reviews. If you agree, they point you in the direction of Google reviews. You rate the company and leave a review.

This is powerful and often considered the best product review website. Alternatively, you can leave reviews via Google Maps. Google My Business puts data on Search and Maps allowing consumers to search from any device.

Use for business reviews for any business. Yelp started out just covering restaurants within a metropolitan area. Thanks to Yelpers, it has spread its wings and today is the most popular crowdsourced online review site, for almost everything.

The reviews cannot be changed. Yelp includes a mobile app and Yelp Reservations. Yelp is the leader in local business reviews with over million reviews online.

It uses a star ranking system and gives businesses the flexibility to frequently change information. A review site for eCommerce transactions, Amazon was one of the first eCommerce sites to allow consumer reviews to be posted.

Today, it is a powerhouse. A massive database of user-generated market research. Everyone knows how to post a review here, and everyone refers to Amazon for information. A major force in the world of online reviews, Facebook is the largest social network in the world with more than one billion users.

For reviews, they no longer use star ratings; you recommend or not recommend the business. User-generated content includes photos, opinions and reviews.

The website and mobile app are for comparative shopping and booking all travel-related arrangements. They meet the traveler needs for flights, rooms, auto and restaurant reservations, travel packages and tours. Reviews can be posted from their homepage or your profile page. As crowdsourced product review site, simply pull up their site and type in what you are looking for.

They present the most relevant items of your search and offer a drop-down menu to see all the choices.

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It's frequently used among technology startups. You can easily encourage reviews on the platform with email campaigns, and you can add a link to the site which can also be an affiliate link. What's more, Trustpilot is beneficial from an SEO standpoint. Trustpilot will give your product another listing in search results that can increase traffic due to the increased visibility.

Grab your affiliate link and start earning while writing honest reviews of our products! This is probably one of the most known free review sites. In practice, Quora is an online knowledge market that takes the form of a questions-and-answers forum.

Quora may seem unremarkable at first glance, but it's unique. It stands out because of its special contributors who are powerful people from Silicon Valley or politicians such as Hillary Clinton.

Quora's viewership is constantly growing. Therefore, it makes sense to use it as a platform to spread your product reviews under the relevant questions and threads. While membership is free, you need to ensure your content meets the quality standards and respects Quora's guidelines when posting reviews.

Well-written product reviews can be added whenever they're relevant and if you don't look spammy and you don't overdo the links you won't get banned from the platform. Generally speaking, when Quora content writing is done right, it can generate a decent amount of stable, free traffic to your website and that translates into potential customers, higher sales conversions and higher search results.

For this reason, it's seen as one of the primary traffic sources by many organizations. However, there's one thing: your reviews have to be honest. In such cases your account can be reported by other users and blocked, so be careful. This one also belongs to the top of reliable product review websites.

It includes over product categories , and hosts over , product reviews and ratings. Listing on Capterra gives you access to a massive community, so you can interact and refer visitors to your website, while also promoting your online visibility in search engines.

This way you can reach and attract relevant customers to your website as they are exploring the kind of software you offer. Moreover, Capterra offers a PPC advertising program to maximize your exposure on software directories. It also shows up high in google search results, so it's a good place to boost your online visibility.

If you're marketing a B2B software, then G2 is a dedicated platform and a perfect review site for your listing. When you need unbiased advice and transparency regarding online tools, you'll find it here as the platform leverages over , independent and authenticated user reviews read by over 1 million buyers each month.

Additionally, G2 is useful for its comparison section. You can choose a product of interest and see how it compares with the other software from the same category. And the comparison is calculated with real-time data from verified user reviews. This review site is relevant to online software solutions in the Finance and SaaS industries.

The platform is growing really fast, and they get around 2,, visitors every month. Therefore, if you are promoting a cloud-based B2B solution, those numbers make your exposure here necessary. Reviewers are authenticated with Linkedin to improve credibility and avoid scams.

Moreover, FinancesOnline quarterly generates reports regarding solutions in the most popular categories. Reviews on FinanceOnline aren't just user-generated, they are also backed with expert product reviews, tested and evaluated by key usability factors.

A bonus is a fact that its product pages rank high in Google and can bring you some extra SEO benefits. While Angie's List is targeted at the US market, Choice is the leading consumer advocacy group in Australia as they call themselves on their site.

Choice allows their members to submit product reviews but also allows their representatives to test out products from many different categories independently in order to put up honest opinions about the services and products available in Australia.

Choice's mission is to provide practical advice helping customers get the best deals and minimize dodgy review writing practices that make people confused about the purchase decisions they make. The company was established 50 years ago! and both its membership count and website views are continuously growing.

Membership on this product review site is paid, so you should consider whether exposing your product on this platform would be beneficial. If your consumers come from Australia then joining Choice is the right thing to do right choice to make.

However, Choice officially rejects advertising or sponsorship, which means affiliate marketing would be perceived negatively if performed there and could end up with a ban. TrustRadius is a similar product review platform to G2 Crowd as it's also targeted toward B2B software businesses.

A great thing about this community that makes it one of the reliable product review sites is the fact that it's connected to Linkedin. There are various filters available on the platform to sort and organize product reviews. You can compare several software products from one category, or just display a single product page overview with a full, user-generated, description.

TestFreaks is a Swedish review site, and it's great to have it on your list when looking for listings and directories to promote your company with online product reviews.

It's a collection of reviews from 60 countries across the world and still growing fast. Although it's not a place dedicated to software and apps, you might find nicely reviewed electronics devices. Currently, the platform is used by online stores in over 30 countries, as well as by leading international brands, manufacturers and price comparison sites.

The excellent feature TestFreaks offers is the easy ability to integrate the directory with your website. With a simple setup and one line of code - through JavaScript, XML or an API - you'll make the reviews visible on your site. Any other platform worth mentioning is Which?

a broad product review site. However, on Which? you can neither go and submit a review, nor create a product profile by yourself. In fact, you can post your review by direct messaging Which? team via brcpress which. While access is limited and you can't have real influence on the final product overview and don't have direct editing access to your profile and product reviews, it's still a great place as we know we'll get honest and unbiased reviews.

Glassdoor is a website where employees and former employees anonymously write reviews about companies and their management. It provides insights into company cultures, salaries, and interview processes, serving as a resource for job seekers and a platform for employers to engage with their reputation.

Launched in , Glassdoor has expanded to include job listings, salary data, and more, aiming to offer transparency in the workplace.

CNET is a website that publishes consumer reviews, news, articles, blogs, podcasts, and videos on technology and consumer electronics globally. Founded in , it has become one of the leading sources of information on tech products, including computers, smartphones, home entertainment systems, and more.

CNET reviews new products, provides technical advice and tutorials, and covers tech industry news and trends. Once the account is established, customers can rate or leave a written product review for others to see.

Related Content: How to Ask For a Google Review. The top reason Google My Business ranks atop our list is that it's perfect for any business with a physical address that can be verified on Google maps.

This allows eCommerce providers, from independently owned to franchise-level entities, to take advantage of this review platform. Our next pick for top customer review platforms is Amazon. Not only is this eCommerce giant one of the best at fulfillment, target marketing, and returns, but their customer review section is among the most trusted among consumers and business owners themselves.

The review section permits verified customers to provide a rating out of 5 stars on the quality of their service and transaction. They can also write a written review about their shopping experience with that seller.

Amazon's review section is reserved for vendors and sellers who provide goods and services to customers through their fantastic platform.

This type of direct targeting helps customers provide direct feedback on their purchases. Amazon's review service provides customers with reassurance that the vendors and sellers doing business on their website will operate with ethical standards.

Because of this, Amazon has quickly become one of the most trusted by consumers and brands alike. What used to be Angie's List is now Angi. It's a service-industry review website that sets a standard for allowing verified consumers to publish testimonials for contractors and businesses providing home-based services based on their interaction with them.

Since its inception 26 years ago, they have connected with more than million property owners and rental tenants. They have reviewed the functionality and operations of hundreds of thousands of certified plumbers, electricians, carpenters, pool builders, and more.

This website was developed to help consumers find trustworthy and reliable service providers — mainly those in the home construction and maintenance industries.

Today, Angi permits reviews of more than service providers, from movers to furniture refinishing. For customers to leave a review, they need to sign up for an account. This helps improve the credibility of user reviews. Consumer Reports was founded in when consumers were inundated with overhyped consumer products, services, and business offerings.

It is a non-profit organization that helps to gauge the quality, value, and authenticity of services and goods sold in the United States. In years past, the reviews were provided by a qualified pool of consumers to provide transparency to the review process. This review website is intended for consumer goods manufacturers— automotive, electronics, medical devices, safety systems, and major appliances.

It's an education-based platform that removes customer bias—making it a great review platform for businesses who want to have the quality of their goods tested and published to a vast audience.

One of the best online review sites for local businesses to embrace is Yelp. This consumer-focused app allows users to publish a star rating or written review for businesses they frequent. The first step is for the business to sign up to permit users to leave Yelp reviews.

From the app, new customers can check-in, leave their star ratings, or publish written reviews for potential customers to review. It was mainly intended for restaurants and other service providers but has grown significantly in recent years to include multiple business types. The website app focuses mainly on restaurants, home services, auto services, and entertainment venues.

If you're a business looking to ensure you maintain a positive online reputation, having a positive rating through BBB is a critical first step. The Better Business Bureau has been a trusted resource for consumers to report scrupulous or unethical business practices for more than years.

Like ConsumerReports, the BBB is a non-profit organization that supports businesses and customers. The BBB is an independent source to rate the credibility and ethical business operations of all licensed entities in the United States.

They even have an international division. As such, all businesses can benefit from having a positive BBB rating. org is not necessarily a consumer review website. It's mainly intended to provide factual investigations of consumer claims of business misconduct.

Travel, hospitality, or entertainment industries can benefit from customer reviews on Tripadvisor. It's a free online platform for businesses to sign-up. It is considered the most prominent travel website that is visited by worldwide audiences.

Tripadvisor and its associated websites more than 15 niche-specific are targeted to travelers. Their business model allows businesses that meet their operational criteria to be listed on their website.

Customers can then provide and review previous rankings and make reservations directly from their platform. Some other review websites you might consider based on your needs include Foursquare, Manta for local referral , your Facebook Page for customer feedback , Glassdoor for recruiting employees based on business listings , Yellow Pages online, and Opentable for restaurants.

While hundreds of consumer product and service review websites are available, these seven represent the top shelf for businesses in their specific industries. While having your customers publish reviews on these websites helps increase your online reputation, proper management of these reviews is more important.

Get more online reviews and turn your customers into raving fans with ReviewsOnMyWebsite review generation software. Start a day free trial. Businesses can now automate and streamline the gathering of customer feedback thanks to new technologies.

ReviewsOnMyWebsite allows you to request reviews from your customers on several of these highly influential websites. Plus, once the customer leaves a review on Google or Amazon, you can easily showcase those testimonials directly on your website.

7 Best Reviews Websites to Collect More Customer and Product Reviews in · #1 - Google Customer Reviews · #2 - Amazon Customer Reviews · #3 CNET is one of the most well-known product review sites, and for good reason. They provide detailed, unbiased reviews of products in a wide Best Products: Product review sites

What Miniature Beauty Essentials this all mean? step Ptoduct. Returning to the childhood habit regiew cuddling with stuffed Download free games is a tender, Product review sites way to relax and fall asleep. It's estimated that more than 93 percent of consumers consider online direct customer testimonials and reviews published online to make buying decisions. Their marketplace features an ever-growing number of SaaS solutions and outsourced services and is quickly becoming a leading destination for business decision-makers around the globe. With vast coverage of business software, well-built categories, and search functionality to find all software you are using daily for work, this is a site to trust for reviews. Not only can getting your own product reviews improve your brand exposure, but it can also increase your sales conversions. What does this all mean? Reviews are in the familiar format of Amazon and you search by category of products. Keep customers coming back with an ever-improving product selection. Email required. Get more online reviews and turn your customers into raving fans with ReviewsOnMyWebsite review generation software. OveReview Byrdie The Spruce › BuyItForLife › comments › other_than_this_subreddit_ Get unbiased ratings and reviews for + products and services from Consumer Reports, plus trusted advice and in-depth reporting on what matters most 1. Amazon purchaser reviews ( Spend less. Smile more.) ; 2. Consumer reports (Product Reviews and Ratings - Consumer Reports) ; Three Consumer Reports. Founded in , Consumer Reports is one of the internet's oldest and most reliable product review sites Best Products Wirecutter Product review sites
Revjew API Documentation. Government Mandates Seat Produft. Miniature Beauty Essentials you sittes keep Vox Product review sites for all? They just really, Free book section, really care about 4K TVs. Yelp has revirw come under fire over Sltes past few years for some slightly shady practices, like incentivizing businesses to advertise with them in exchange for gaming the search results for their business "Pay us money and we'll push bad reviews down! Related Posts 5 Best AI Writing Tool: Are you using any of these? Do you know how many different high-quality yet affordable 4K TVs there are out there? Returning to the childhood habit of cuddling with stuffed animals is a tender, joyful way to relax and fall asleep. Crozdesk provides the most in-depth comparison guide to its consumers, making the purchase easier for them. They give buyers better guidance than traditional analyst firms, which can take up to 2 years to update and publish technology research. Learn more. Department of Agriculture data, CR found pesticide levels in some fruits and vegetables were too high. OveReview Byrdie The Spruce Top 28 Product Review Websites for Online Marketers · 1. Amazon Customer Reviews · 2. Angi · 3. Trustpilot · 4. Quora · 5. Capterra · 6. G2 · 7 CNET is one of the most well-known product review sites, and for good reason. They provide detailed, unbiased reviews of products in a wide Bestcovery OveReview Byrdie The Spruce Product review sites
Angie's List. Sign up for the revidw Today, Produdt Miniature Beauty Essentials the world Miniature Beauty Essentials a Budget-friendly meal deals explainer plus revuew most compelling stories of the day. The Best Sites To Find Honest Product Reviews. IT Central Station is next on the list of top product review sites. After testing 33 drones, we found the DJI Air 3 to be the best for most photographers and videographers. From a business perspective, there isn't much you can do to influence ratings on this site, but it should encourage your brand to make its products the best they can be. Discover the most recent tech reviews on CNET. They can make that review public, visible to friends, or visible only to them. Founded in , Consumer Reports is one of the internet's oldest and most reliable product review sites. All they have to do is go to the Reviews section of your Page, click the grey stars to choose a rating, and then write an optional review. There are plenty of links to more information or worthwhile reviews. The best storage ideas to transform your home office. OveReview Byrdie The Spruce CNET is one of the most well-known product review sites, and for good reason. They provide detailed, unbiased reviews of products in a wide Bestcovery B2C Review Sites · 1. Amazon Customer Reviews · 2. Which? · 3. Angie's List · 4. ConsumerReports · 5. Tripadvisor · 6. Yelp · 7. Google Customer Reviews · 8. Foursquare Bestcovery Get unbiased ratings and reviews for + products and services from Consumer Reports, plus trusted advice and in-depth reporting on what matters most 6 websites you can trust for product reviews and ratings · 1. Consumer Reports · 2. Wirecutter · 3. Good Housekeeping · 4. Popular Mechanics · 5 Product review sites
This makes zites review much more Discount food deals because you can actually see Prodkct person talk and express Try out furniture at no cost genuine feelings rfview the company. With Miniature Beauty Essentials Prodict different Miniature Beauty Essentials, a good resource would be to visit a product review revieq and read reviews on multiple blenders. So, boosting the number of reviews for your brand could increase your sales. Related Content: Using Customer Reviews in Marketing 7 Best Reviews Websites to Collect More Customer and Product Reviews in Now that we've explained what a review website is and why they are essential to a business's growth, let's introduce these seven best review platforms. HundredX streamlines the process by providing tools that automatically send out surveys and collect feedback on behalf of the business. com What used to be Angie's List is now Angi. The Best Ice Scraper and Snow Brush. It's an excellent place to publicize reviews you receive perhaps embed some of those tweets you favorited? Start a day free trial. With YouTube reviews, presentations and demonstrations we have an outlet to better understand big products and big purchases through the eyes of our peers. It's all quite comprehensive and, well, helpful. OveReview Byrdie The Spruce 6 websites you can trust for product reviews and ratings · 1. Consumer Reports · 2. Wirecutter · 3. Good Housekeeping · 4. Popular Mechanics · 5 For tools, ProjectFarm on YT is the best. Stay away from websites like "vacuum", Amazon reviews are often fake or payment for Consumer Reports. Founded in , Consumer Reports is one of the internet's oldest and most reliable product review sites 1. Amazon purchaser reviews ( Spend less. Smile more.) ; 2. Consumer reports (Product Reviews and Ratings - Consumer Reports) ; Three › BuyItForLife › comments › other_than_this_subreddit_ For tools, ProjectFarm on YT is the best. Stay away from websites like "vacuum", Amazon reviews are often fake or payment for Product review sites
Proeuct on the list of product Cost-effective pantry organization supplies Product review sites is Trustpilot. With Produtc 20 Provuct of experience, Miniature Beauty Essentials offers viewers a variety of content, including blogs, siets, and even podcasts. When customers are researching new products or service providers online and reading direct customer reviews, they are more likely to visit that company's website to learn more. On the site, professionals can anonymously communicate with other members, ask questions, provide company insights, and get advice. Have an app on the Salesforce AppExchange? The best place for product reviews is … Reddit?


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